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These grazing / platter boards are approximately 60cm long and 20-25cm wide. As with all my trays and boards, you can choose a handle that best suits your colour scheme or style.


There are three options of wood to choose from:

English Yew - the heartwood tends to be an orangish-brown, at times a darker brown or purplish hue, with a creamy coloured sapwood

Spalted Beech / Alder - spalting in wood is the beautiful result of stress or fungi affecting a tree. The patterns and colouration are sought after, as they are so unique and striking, and make such an impact even when kept simple.

Italian olive - a beautiful golden brown lumber with brown / black streaks running through it.


There are also a selection of handles to choose from to best suit your taste.

Solid wood live edge platter / grazing board

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