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Channel 4: Britain's Best Woodworker 2022

In April 2022 I was contacted by the production company, who had been commissioned by Channel 4 to make season two of Britain's Best Woodworker, to ask if I would be interested in applying to be a contestant. With less than a year of experience - and no actual training - it was a daunting thought, but when else would I get an opportunity like this? 

See how I got on by watching the series on: Channel 4 on demand

Episode 1: Dining Table

We were asked to design a six-seater dining table, inspired by a country of our choice. The legs had to be non-traditional and we had to make a separate a table centre to finish it off. Mine reflected Argentina, with a patchwork style table top - to represent the colour blocking in La Boca - and intertwined legs to represent tango dancers. Not easy, but I loved the challenge.

Argentina dining table

Episode 2: Freestanding clock

This big build required us to design a freestanding clock, at least 75cm tall, themed around a memorable event or time in our lives. I chose to design my clock around my love of skiing, the feeling I get of freedom when I do it, the insane fun of apre ski, the awe-inspiring beauty of the mountains and the phenomenal friends I go with.

Mountain clock

Episode 3: luxury toy

For this episode we had to design and build a luxury toy that would stand the test of time and measure at least 75cm. After exhaustive conversation with my neighbour's daughter (who was 4 at the time) we agreed I would make a potion pantry for her to make fairy spells!


My inspiration

La Boca in Buenos Aires is famous for Argentinian Tango and these stunning vibrant buildings. I've ben a couple of times and I absolutely love it: the food, the people, the vibe, the culture, the's a must for your bucket list! 


My first attempt at turning

When making my clock I decided to try my hand on the lathe to make a vessel and cup to represent the key element of all good ski trips...shots! I chose beech to turn with, which was incredibly hard going, but gave a beautiful finish. It was so much fun to do and I just got lost in the experience of creating something beautiful from a rectangular block. I have subsequently bought myself a lathe and am slowly working on improving my skills. More to come!


All fairies need a door

One of the critical things for me on this project was getting some of the little design pieces right. A fairy door seemed mandatory to be part of the final build. Using this spindle sander was a great way to get the door frame smooth!

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