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Your network can make you succeed at anything!

Since I started my journey (not quite as large as X Factor) into the unknown, becoming a self-taught carpenter, I have been endlessly surprised and delighted by where I have found help and encouragement. It started with the builders working at my neighbours house, who gave me some invaluable tips, help and even lent me tools. They did find it quite funny that every day I seemed to have a new project (and another load of wood arriving), hence I earned the nickname “Bob the builder”! Learning from these guys was fabulous as they taught me things they have spent years learning.….and some sneaky shortcuts!

Ive also had advice and guidance from the guy who runs the sawmill I go to. To be honest, half the attraction of going there is to snuggle with his dog, Poppy, but he’s also spent lots of time explaining the best ways to treat live edge wood, ideas of what to do with it and how to achieve better results. He also shared details of online communities he’s part of that could be helpful for me.

Its also great that I’ve been able to pay it forward too. Someone saw my post on LinkedIn, about taking this up, and passed my details onto a friend of his. He has also been made redundant, was thinking of taking up a trade, and wanted any advice I could give him. That made me so happy to be able to share what I’ve learned on my X-factor style journey 😂

It (almost) goes without saying that I couldn’t have got this far without the support (and commissions!!) from my friends and family. I am so grateful! But it’s also been so inspiring to see how much help people are happy to give, when you share your challenges or passions and give them an opportunity to share too.

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