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Top lessons learned after 2 months as a carpenter(ess?)

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

It’s been a learning curve for sure. Having previously been too scared to pick up a drill, I'm now overwhelmed with power tools and pretty gung-ho at giving things a bash. I truly have been bitten by the bug and have had so much fun learning as I go, while seeing things that are in my head come to life. It's so rewarding. But I've obviously had plenty of oops moments. Most of my lessons are in the “not shit Sherlock“ category, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't ignore my own common sense advice!

  1. Flip flops are not appropriate safety footwear. Ok I know this is true, but it was a warm day and I was sure no damage could possibly happen to my foot, when all the sharp, pointy things were near my hands. Unfortunately I dropped a scaffold board...they're quite heavy

  2. Glass-topped dining tables are not to be used as a workbench when the weather is lousy outside. Mine now has a designer chunk missing out of the end of it after a mis-fired hammer blow while making a tray on a rainy day

  3. Gloves are essential to avoid sanding your hands with the electric sander, the billion inevitable splinters and taking the skin off your fingertips.

  4. Carpal tunnel syndrome is painful! Apparently, constantly using vibrating tools, after having only previously been used to a laptop or device, can lead to you developing this. I'm hoping it will wear off...

  5. Wood working is FUN! Despite all my little setbacks and oopsies, I am reveling in finding an outlet for my creativity, building beautiful things, making my clients happy and having endless ideas about what to make next

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