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Happy customers make me happy!

I just LOVE getting pictures from my happy customers! This lovely chap ordered a rustic tray and on day one put it to good use organising a BBQ. This is absolutely what makes me so happy, fulfilled and inspired to do more 🥰

Having worked in professional services for so many years, the immediate feedback and gratification is wonderfu! Its also so exciting to be able to flex my creative muscles and create the perfect piece for whoever I’m working for. Of course I make mistakes (and have a pile of “odds and sods“ bits of wood as a result), but the wonderful thing is that every experience I have helps me improve for the next time. Every failure leads to a success. It’s all an opportunity to learn. Even if I do screw up the odd bit of wood or two 😬

I absolutely love making people happy and I had NO IDEA I could do this through wood. Can’t wait to find out what I am going to learn next 😊Have you ever thought about exploring what left-field ideas might make you happy?

#newideas #woodworking #happy #happiness #nevertoooldtolearn #newstart

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