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Epoxy resin and dust; the epic battle

I’ve been fascinated by epoxy resin since I started on my wood working journey. You can do some amazing things with it, using colour, glitter, moulds, pennies - literally anything you fancy - and it looks phenomenal when used to create river resin tables with live edge wood. I’ve watched so many YouTube videos of how to use it, so I have started experimenting. Not quite ready for the river table (that could be a VERY expensive disaster) so starting with some Yew tree cookies and a small live edge piece of oak. So excited!

All being well, I’ll be able to reveal all tomorrow, but holy hell has dust become the absolute bane of my life! This is my fourth attempt at the “final pour” after the last three times lifting the box off the next morning to discover a little smattering of dust particles embedded in the resin 😱🙈

I have all fingers and toes crossed that this time will be the charm, with my improvised dust tent 😂🤞

#epoxyresin #liveedgewood #ihatedust

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