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Custom doesn’t have to be costly…you’re worth it!

I posted this yew live edge side table yesterday. It’s proved to be a massive hit! I think it’s partly due to the beauty of the wood itself - which is so colourful and merely enhanced with the clear resin - but also because it’s something very unique.

Before I started my own woodworking business, I believed that having something custom and hand made automatically meant it was out of my reach. What I’ve realised is that being considerate about the cut and type of wood, as well as thinking how best to make a feature of it, you really can have something extra special on your home. Or as a gift!

I’ve made some really unique pieces for lots of people - from shelving and chopping blocks to tables and coasters - and it makes me so happy to be able to make an idea of one of my customers into a reality 🙂 Is there something you’ve been dreaming of that I can help realise for you?

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