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Convertible cars are THE BEST for wood collection!

Now the sun is (finally) out I was able to pop out to the local sawmill and pick up a lovely slab of English Oak and a few cookies cut from a beautiful piece of Yew. I've no idea what I'll be doing with the Oak yet - the garden bench I made last week turned out to be a stunner -

but the cookies are going to make some FAB side tables after a liberal application of epoxy resin and some hairpin legs :-)

I'm sorely tempted to make a river resin table....but I think I need a bit more practice before I attempt that!

Regardless, I am now entirely convinced that, despite it's diminutive size, the MX-5 is THE perfect car for an amateur carpentress.

#liveedgewood #englishoak #mx5 #woodworking

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