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Colour popping to beat the January blues

2022 has had a slightly bumpy start, but I am almost 99% sure it's going to be awesome from here on in. Well, maybe 75%....

January can feel like a bit of a dreary month. Back to work (boo), the fairy lights are back in the loft, it's dark in the mornings, gets dark in the afternoon and its grey in the middle. Fortunately (hmm is that the right word?!) I'm not restrained enough to be able to do dry January, so I am still doing my bit to support wine producers (you're welcome!) and lighting candles like it's a dinner time at Hogwarts. The other thing I'm doing is making some magic happen with some of the 87 resin colours/pigments I have and the stash of random timber in my workshop.

I am working on building up more "ready to buy" items - there was SO much last minute panic buying for Christmas I am aiming to be better prepared in future! Ranging from chopping boards and candle holders to side tables and resin platters. Lots of new colours and timber will be featured, so keep an eye out on the website or instagram.

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